Kagji Lemon Pickle 350gms


Savor the authentic taste of citrus in this is lip-smacking good preparation of lemons. RootBites Kaagzi lemon pickles are rich in vitamin C and have no added preservatives. It promotes hydration, improves skin quality, and aids digestion. Ayurvedic medicine promotes that the consumption of lemon pickles in the right amounts can treat stomach disorders.


* SUPERIOR QUALITY PICKLE: Pickles was established with the aim of providing home-style pickles that remind you of your mother’s touch. Also now, we use the best quality spices and vegetables to make your meals taste even better. Processed and packed in a hygienic facility to ensure superior quality.
* BENEFITS: 1. Indian pickles have antioxidant properties and boost your immunity. 2. Rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. 3. Improves the process of digestion in your body.
* FREE FROM: Our pickles are healthy and delicious because they are oil-free and vinegar-free. Probiotics are good bacteria that are needed for superior intestinal health and are generated by the age-old Lacto fermentation method of pickling. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in Root bite Aam ka achar.
* DESI LEMON PICKLE: It can be served with all Indian meals, add to daals and curries and use it to spice up your  green chutney! Enjoy the original taste of India. Our aachar combines well with Indian meals and makes your meals tastier.
* NOTE: It can be used within 12 months after opened and Best before the date. kept in a cold, dry spot. Allow no moisture to get into the container. Always use a clean and dry spoon while handling this pickle.

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