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Ghee Desi A2 Cow 1l


“Hail the Emperor of the Kitchen – he disappoints none. He appears in good measure as a tastemaker, in traditional medicine, and religious offerings. Bilona Ghee A2 Cow is a cream -based and hand-churned ghee. A2 Cow Ghee does not contain trans fats and boosts immunity, promotes gut health, and enhances calcium absorption. Begin every auspicious occasion with an offering of ghee.


* PURE A2 CREAM BASED COW GHEE: It is a nutritious, pure, and healthy A2 ghee containing A2 proteins extracted from the milk of Indian native cows. Our ghee butter is 100% natural, made by grass-fed cows, unlike other ghee products that claim to be organic and lactose-free. Cow milk from Indian desi cows.
* GRASS FEED HAPPY COW: All our cows and their families are looked after, even though some of them have no yield, to ensure that they are happy. We feed our own cultivated grass to our cows, No artificial method is used to enhance yield.
* BENEFITS: Regular consumption of our high-quality A2 ghee helps to reduce cholesterol, improves the heart’s functioning, and reduces joint pain. Boost energy level and Good for skin & hair.
* RICHNESS OF ROOTBITES GHEE: 1 Liter of premium A2 ghee in a glass jar contains beta-casein protein present in A2 milk, which is used to make our ghee, which is extremely rich in protein including calcium, iron, sodium, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E. It contains no ingredients, preservatives, or artificial colours, only wholesome goodness.
* USAGE: In Indian cooking, ghee can work as the butter in baked goods or used for sauteing and deep-frying. Use on paranthas and rotis, bread, Make ghee in your diet for stronger bones

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