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Aarogyam Almond Oil 250ml

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Extend a warm welcome to the Queen of Oils – she is beautiful from the inside and outside too! RootBites Aarogyam almond oil is among the most nutritious of oils. When consumed, it keeps brain cells healthy, improves memory and cognitive health. When applied to the skin, its Vitamin E content makes it ideal for healthy skin.

* WOOD COLD PRESSED: Made using an Ethical wood-pressed Processing Method in which the oil is mechanically pressed from the seeds at temperatures not exceeding 120 F, retained all beneficial compounds provide purity and assurance of nutrition.
* 100% PURE AND UNADULTERATED: Natural goodness and promised of trust- zero additives and zero added flavour, No added colour, No added sugar.
* BENEFITS: 1. When consumed, it helps in keeping a healthy brain, helps in improving memory and cognitive health, 2. When applied to the skin, its Vitamin E content makes it ideal for healthy skin, 3. Pat some oil around your eyes helps to get rid of dark circles, puffiness, and age lines, 4. helps in preventing hair loss and dandruff, and promotes hair growth, 5. Helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and pimples & Acne also.
* ESSENCE: Fresh rich aroma and flavor with mild nutty flavor to the food not overpowering the natural taste making the food more appetizing.
* HOW TO USE: 1. Add a teaspoon of RootBites Aarogyam Almond Oil to your milk, 2. Pair with herb seasoning as a salad dressing, best paired in a low-calorie diet, 3. Apply a few drops to hydrate skin and as a natural sunblock and Moisturiser, 4. Add few drops of essential oil to almond oil and massage the scalp for hair strength, 5. Warm almond oil with your fingers and massage under your eyes.

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