About Us




Our Story

Root Bite is an ethical food company bringing to you the secrets of
food production, from places where they are still produced like in
the ancient days using Vedic methods.

Our Origin

Ever wondered, what's really on your plate?
We, at RootBites do it for you every – single - day. We offer you the purest and best ingredients for your consumption, sourced from farmlands that adopt ethical practices. All produce is quality checked by experts and carefully processed to maintain integrity and quality.

Our Process

We regard the gifts that nature bestows on us with the utmost respect and believe in bringing to you a range of products that celebrate its nutrients and goodness. All our products – cold-pressed oils, ghee, honey, and pickles are made through prolonged and traditional processes to retain the nutritional value of raw produce.

Our Product

We at RootBites ensure that each of our products is naturally fuelled with nutritious elements. Our products are the answer to all your pertinent questions in healthy and hearty eating. They are pure in intent, unadulterated in content, and sourced ethically.